Hello, my name is Lucy and I live in London. I have two dogs two daughters and a rambling garden that I wish was neater. I started writing a gardening website – http://www.wikigardening.com in 2010/11 – it’s all slightly blurry now. I love plants and photos and I wanted to add something useful fun and interesting to the plant website world that others could join in – it’s a wiki so anyone can get involved.

This blog has fallen out of that and is just about me and my garden. If you want proper gardening information go to wikigardening.com!

I ended up taking so many photos they now have their own blog – http://gardenphotosblog.wordpress.com



  1. Anne Hyde

    Congratulations Lucy on realising your website – Wonderful to see it and hope it brings shared interest, tips and fun exchanges amongst ‘sometimes’ gardeners like myself -Not quite sure how I can get involved from south Africa but will no doubt make a journey of discovery as I access the day to day entries from the far side of the pond. Anne Hyde – Cape, South Africa

  2. Anne Hyde

    Hard to believe that the winter Solstice is almost upon us here in South Africa – where did the first half of the year go – Winter has made itself felt in no uncertain terms with lashing rains and violent winds – the mornings dark and increasingly cold
    but oh what a joy when we are blessed with days of such clarity as today; the skies and images transparent as glass – breath comes in crisp cold curls, the wheatfields that surround me are already sprouting and wreathed in green – as are our gardens – such a joy after the long hot dry months of Summer. Early Gazanias (African daisies) are already showing off their new bronze-gold blooms -cotoneasters are flaunting tiny clusters of brilliant orange berries -Pink Simplicity and white Iceberg Floribunda roses are flinging out late flowers with glorious abandon and the Aloes – they line the roads here in the Overberg – Huge clusters of them corralled by layers of serrated succulent leaves thrust spears of flame into vast skies – I am lucky to have some in my garden and they are extraordinarily beautiful – . I hope I shall shortly be able to accompany my few entries with photos, particularly of flowers and shrubs that may not be all that familiar to some of you in the Northern hemisphere.

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