Don’t fall into the Decking Trap

It was a weakness. The grass was mouldering, the cats next door just used it as a loo. The idea seemed so simple, so beguiling…… just put decking down. It was whispered on the wind and the vision it promised was one of sturdy, easy care beauty. A sea of golden decking to obliterate untidiness. Think of the hours got back by not having to mow the lawn, it said. Think of the the hours reclaimed by not having to moan about the abysmal state of the grass. Think how it’s uncompromising solidity will off set the soft beauty of the surrounding plants. I was sold and …..


It is a sea, but it isn’t golden. It takes up hours of my time as I bemoan and gnash my teeth at the hours it takes to clean and oil. And the cats still use it as a loo.

Next time, next time, it’s astroturf.


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