Mainly it’s about the animals.

If you can call snails animals. The three year old has taken to keeping snails as pets. Which is good in one way as there are no longer so many in the garden. However, irregardless of how many times I have said they must stay in the garden, she sneaks them into the house. I found two on the wall in the hall and three in the bathroom.  I live in a kind of fear of crunching on one in my bare feet. This evening I had given her a bath and she was all ready for bed. Before I knew it she had gone outside into all the flower beds, found two baby snails and was adamant that they were too tiny to live outside. We came to an agreement that they could sleep the night on her windowsill as she has a little window box of flowers there. When putting out the snails she saw a tiny spider and wanted that inside – NO!


The other animals are the foxes. I let Charlie out the other morning and I hadn’t seen the cub but as I was going to let him in I saw that he/she was out there too. Charlie was by the back door and the fox cub came up and bit his tail – playfully. Charlie was a bit nonplussed and just sat there looking balefully, as he often does. The cub then just went and lay down on the steps, quite companionably. Again it went up into the garden when I opened the door. I was rather charmed by this but also a bit worried, I mean it is still a wild animal at the end of the day. Anyway, since that day, I haven’t seen any of the foxes. So before I was worried that there were too many and now I’m worried there aren’t any. I worry what could become of them all so suddenly. I think someone once said you have a pin board of worry and it can only hold so many bits. This is good because it stops you worrying about everything as there just isn’t room. However, when one worry vanishes another just takes it’s place. I think it’s funny that I have just replaced one fox worry for another.

Finally, my one piece of useful information. In an earlier post (I had 10 minutes today) I wrote about planting Allium sphaerocephalon bulbs too late and all jumbled together. I wasn’t sure if any would grow. Well the answer is I think about 30 have. I know that it is more than if I’d not planted them but I don’t how this fares to if you did it correctly. Do all small bulbs work or is there a certain amount of wastage? I don’t know. So the information is that you can plant bulbs late and some will probably grow – it doesn’t seem that useful now I’ve written it.


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