So the Helenium have vanished.

I can only assume the slugs and snails have had them. After the idiotic trip to the garden centre bargain trolley the only two things really worth buying have been eaten! The horrible Acanthus is, by the same token, flourishing of course. The weather has been so peculiar – boiling hot to endless cold drizzle. I looked at the strawberries today and wondered if they will ever ripen.


What with all the rain I haven’t been out much and the garden seems to be overtaken by the wildlife. The slugs and snails obviously, but also foxes. There is a vixen with six cubs which live under the shed of the next doors garden. Watching them in the morning playing on the grass is extraordinary and I felt very privileged. However, this morning the cubs suddenly looked so much bigger and three of them walked all the way down the neighbours path right up to the house nearly. Then I saw two playing in my garden. I suddenly felt a bit under siege and I wondered, should I be worried?


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