My Tulips are a bit of a disaster

not that they have grown badly but they are just such a terrible mixture of colours. I wish I could remember which varieties I had grown and then I would know not to try them again. There are lots of white and I don’t know why I did that. I think white tulips are very classy and pretty but day to day in a back garden they are boring. Then there are the reds which are good but alongside them is a peculiar pink, which I can only describe as brick-pink, which doesn’t sit well at all with red. Finally, I do know there is Angelique. I hadn’t planted them before but they are very popular so I thought I’d give them a try. I feel disappointed, the colours are so variable, some are almost pure white (and I’ve got enough of those) others are a very shrill pink. Altogether they look a lot like the colour of cheap strawberry ice cream. I have to say that they look much better in these photos than they do in the garden!

unknown tulip

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