A Peckham garden 2013

I love my garden but it needs work. This can be inspiring because anything is possible, but after seven years living here I find myself wishing it were a little more finished, not perfect, just not quite such a work in progress. I thought that if I tracked the journey in a blog, that would help make it less aimless. In an optimistic moment I think it might end up being the picture of Dorain Gray in reverse.

In essence the garden is 70ft long and 30ft wide. It has a shed at the back (that needs painting). Next to the shed is a vegetable bed we made a few years ago. One side is very sunny but the other side is very shady – so after three years of trying, I have to finally admit that half is not really much good for growing vegetables. Next there is a big Bay tree that has the most incredible suckers that constantly shoot up and out from the base. There is an ugly but loved trampoline in front of the veg. bed. A wendy house sits half way up and to the left. In front of the kitchen window is a patio surrounded by gravel, which is under constant attack by weeds.

Borders divide up the garden and are a bit of a jumbled mess but I love them. Compared to most gardens, they are very wide so you get a good depth of planting which means you can have lots of different plants creating an interesting richness of shape and colour – when it works!

My Garden

One comment

  1. A garden will always look delightful to the fresh eye, for often it’s only the gardener who knows and sees the flaws, while the uninitiated sense will perceive the colour, shape and form and the scent…happy gardening

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